Our Team


Our Team

At BONALBA KLINIK PM we have a highly qualified human team. Our main goal is patient satisfaction!

team bonalba klinik pm

Dr. Pablo Martínez

Traumatology and chronic pain treatment clinic in Alicante. Meet our team!

doctor pablo martínez

Dr. Pablo Martínez

Medical Director of the Klinik Pm Group (Klinik Pm Centers)
Medical Director Bonalba Klinik Pm
Specialist Orthopedic Surgery And Traumatology
Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Specialist
Chronic Pain Treatment Specialist

Victoria Martínez

Managing Director, Managing Director Centers Klinik Pm Group
Pharmacy Service Coordinator
Degree In Pharmacy

Dr. Luis López

Medical Deputy Director Of The Klinik Pm Group
Director Of The Center For Cardiovascular Diseases (Cecav)
Coordinator Of The Cardiac And Respiratory Rehabilitation Center

Dr. Alfonso Navarro

Assistant Medical Director Center Klinik Pm Group
Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Specialist
Specialist In Chronic Pain Treatment

Dr. José Antonio López

Specialist in Anesthesiology and Pain Treatment.

Dr. Álvaro Fuentes

Head of Check-up Unit and Multimodal Medical Klinik Pm Group

Specialist in Family and Community Medicine
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Chronic Pain Treatment Specialist

Dra. Estefanía Sánchez

Head of the Central Awareness Unit
Head of Wellness Medical Unit and Aesthetic Regenerative Medicine

Licensed in medicine
General medicine
Aesthetic Medicine Master
Pain Medicine Specialist

Dr. Francisco Sánchez

Bachelor of Medicine
General medicine
Sports Medicine

Nerea Miñano

General Coordinator of the Bonalba Klinik PM Center

Secretariat team. Nursing team.

Raúl Domínguez

General Coordinator of the Physiotherapy Unit Bonalba Klinik PM

Physiotherapy team.

Johana Veguett

Head of the Klinik PM Pelvic Floor Unit

Physiotherapy team.

Carlos Jiménez

Head of the Headache and TMJ Unit Bonlba Klinik PM

Physiotherapy team.

Daniel de Lamo

Podiatry Coordinator/Foot Biomechanics and Intervention Unit Bonalba Klinik PM

Podiatry team.

César Domenech

Bachelor of Podiatry

Sara Domenech

Head of Nutrition Unit KLINIK PM GROUP

Cristina Moreno

Coordinator of Interventionism and Logistics Bonalba Klinik PM

Nursing team.

María Sancristobal

Coordinator of the Nursing KLINIK PM GROUP

Nursing team.

Rafael Guerrero

Nursing Team

Natalia Ramón

Nursing Team

Javier Zaragoza

Nursing Team

Arantxa Planelles

Head of Department of Healthcare Quality and Patient Care KLINIK PM GROUP

Rafael Planelles

Secretary/Reception and Patient Care Team.

In short words

Our experienced medical team can help to reduce chronic pain. Located in Bonalba, Alicante, our state of the art clinic is a welcoming and relaxing location to undertake your pain treatments.


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