Presentation of multimodal pain therapy service

Multimodal pain therapy service

The BONALBA-KLINIK PM MULTIMODAL PAIN TREATMENT service is led by Dr. Pablo Manuel Martínez Pérez, National Prize for Medicine in Treatment of Pain 2021, Chronic Pain Treatment Physician of the Year Award 2021, Top Doctors Awards 2020, Top Doctors Awards 2021, in addition to 6 other national and international awards. 20% of the world’s population suffers from some type of chronic pain syndrome.

Most of these patients have gone through a long journey of doctors and therapists, have been confronted with a multitude of pharmacological and invasive treatments of all kinds, only a few have found a temporary improvement after these treatments, relapse unfortunately is frequent and despite the improvement found, it has not been a lasting solution to his trouble. The quality of life of the patient with pain is threatened and all facets of his life is negatively affected, a feeling of hopelessness and unease has taken over these patients, some even throw in the towel due to misunderstanding of what happens to them and due to misunderstanding of the medical, family and social environment.

The goal is to change the course of the disease, for the patient to regain control and take the reins of his life. Many people have achieved it, the patient will have the possibility of participate in an intensive, comprehensive and personalized multidisciplinary program. Together, doctor and patient trace a joint path, as a team, have a common goal with the aim of returning to be happy and acquire a decent quality of life.


– State-of-the-art protocol for MULTIMODAL PAIN TREATMENT.
– Most advanced pioneering technology
– Highly prestigious medical and therapeutic team with several national and international awards
– Premium facilities with accommodation standard in a 4-star premium hotel, and golf course.
Integrated Golf.
– Exceptional setting on the Mediterranean coast of the Spanish Levante (Alicante), perfectly
communicated with the International Airport at 20 min.

All Our Multimodal Pain Therapy Programs Include and Integrate:

– Specialized Medical Consultations for Assessment, Planning and Treatment Monitoring (Pain, Traumatology, Rheumatology, Internal Medicine)
– Pharmacological Optimization, Pharmaceutical Advice and Therapy of Dishabitation
– Minimally Invasive Interventionist Treatment Under Control Eco-Guided And/or Radio-Guided as Well as Fusion Techniques (Pioneer Center at International Level in Image Fusion Techniques) ( See on Web Therapy Interventionist)
– Neuromodulation Treatment with the Axomera System (Center of National Reference in Neuromodulation) (See Axomera System on Web)
– Spine -Unit, with Spineliner Systems and Axial Controlled Traction
– Ecoguided Advanced Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Osteopathy, Electrotherapy, Epi/epte
– Biomechanical, Postural and Podological, Static and Dynamic Analysis, as well as 3d.
– Specific Unit of Strength and Movement Training (3)
– Rehabilitation with Neuromotor Reprogramming with the Allyane System (See Web Allyane)
– Units of Cognitive Behavior Therapy of Pain, Modulation Neurophysiological and Psychological, Mindfulness.
– Pain Reprocessing Therapy Units (See Description)
– Virtual Reality and Biofeedback Therapy Units (See Web Psious)
– Nutrition, Calorimetry and Dietary Advice
– Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation in Indoor/outdoor Swimming Pool
– Group Therapy (Yoga, Taichi, Qi-Gong, Pilates, Tango…)
– Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
– Wellness- Spa

In short words

Our experienced medical team can help to reduce chronic pain. Located in Bonalba, Alicante, our state of the art clinic is a welcoming and relaxing location to undertake your pain treatments.


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