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Specialist treatments to treat the cause of chronic pain

  • Who our treatments are for
  • Our pain therapy treatments
  • Modern techniques
  • A focus on your wellbeing
Who our treatments are for

Our patients have been living with long-lasting pain, often for decades, caused by age, illness or injury – and have not received the care they deserve from public healthcare. We get to the source of the pain, and help them feel good again.

Our pain therapy treatments

Our mission is not to mask the symptoms of pain, but to get to the core of the issuegiving you long term relief.

Modern techniques

Our treatments follow ground-breaking therapies that are often not available to people on public healthcare.

A focus on your wellbeing

We know medical treatments can be intimidating, that’s why Bonalba Klinik PM is located in Bonalba Resort – a tranquil location just outside of Alicante.

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Located in a beautiful tranquil environment and resort, just 12 minutes from Alicante Center.

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We’ve helped 1000+ Patients feel good again

What Our Patients Say

When you find yourself in a loop of chronic pain, you need to find the right professionals who can help you. That was my case and I was lucky to meet Pablo Martínez.

Eva Zamora

Fate (my guardian angel) took me to DOCTOR Pablo (I found him online). The S. Social treated me for chronic pain without success, and thanks to this wonderful professional and person, I live again. Thanks!!!!!

Concha Martínez

A great professional who has allowed me to recover my quality of life despite the fibromyalgia I suffer from. Many thanks to the entire team of professionals. 100% recommendable.

Consuelo Sánchez

Great professional, very qualified, cares a lot about his patients. He explains in detail each advancement and treatment. My quality of life has improved and my disease is fully controlled. Without hesitation I recommend it 100%. Thank you.

Sara s.j

Since I started my Fibromyalgia treatment with Dr. Martínez, my quality of life has improved a lot. My family and I are very grateful to him. I recommend 100%.

María Pérez Rojo

After being at home practically unable to walk, and thanks to the interest and professionalism of Dr. Martínez and his team, today I can say that I am practicing and enjoying the discipline of Triathlon. It’s nice to put yourself in the hands of a professional like him.

Eduardo Fernández Morales

Whatever the source of your pain, we can help.

Treatment Packages

Personalised and adapted treatments

back pain treatment bonalba klinik pm
oseoarthritis treatment bonalba klinik pm
tendon and muscle injuries treatment bonalba klinik pm
neuropathic pain and nerve injuries treatment bonalba klinik pm

Back pain

Almost 80% of the population will have some form of back pain throughout their life – our treatments often give immediate relief. We distinguish back pain in: cervical pain, dorsal pain and, the most frequent, lumbar-type pain.


The loss of cartilage thickness in the joints, which appears progressively, as a consequence of age and mechanical overload during the last years. This loss of articular cartilage can produce a disabling pain, effusion or inflammation.

Tendon and muscle injuries

Many people live with pain caused by physical injury or by inflammation. They are damages in the ligamentous, tendinous and muscular structures which are fundamental for the joint function and the musculoskeletal system.

Neuropathic pain and nerve injuries

A pain of typical characteristics, burning, persistent and disabling, that can be caused by traumas, structural alterations or neurodegenerative diseases.

What you can expect

Treatments that are created specifically for you

An initial consultation to find out more about your pain.

A unique and bespoke plan and timeline to lay out a treatment map.

Thorough and precise exploration, with clinical tests, anamnesis and clinical and complementary explorations.

Constant contact with our friendly specialists who are there for you every step of the way.

bonalba klinik pm team

doctor pablo martínez

Meet your doctors

Award Winning Specialists

At BONALBA KLINIK PM we have a highly qualified human team. Our main goal is patient satisfaction!

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In short words

Our experienced medical team can help to reduce chronic pain. Located in Bonalba, Alicante, our state of the art clinic is a welcoming and relaxing location to undertake your pain treatments.


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