Psychosomatic pain pack

10 days of standard intensive treatment, suitable for patients suffering from pain of any kind, acute, subacute and chronic at the musculoskeletal level or otherwise of psychosomatic cause, psychological central sensitization or somatiation disorders. Patients who have not improved or in which interventionist or minimally invasive treatments have been exhausted.

Accommodation 10 nights, full board, superior 4 star hotel category.

Includes sessions of:

  • Specialized medical consultations for assessment, planning and monitoring of treatment (pain, traumatology, rheumatology, internal medicine)
  • Pharmacological optimization, pharmaceutical advice and dishabitution therapy
  • Neuromodulation treatment with the axomera system (national reference center in neuromodulation)
  • Physiotherapy, manual therapy, osteopathy, electrotherapy
  • Specific unit of strength and movement training
  • Neuromotor reprogramming with the allyane system
  • Units of cognitive behavior therapy of pain, neurophysiological and psychological modulation, mindfulness.
  • Pain reprocessing therapy units
  • Virtual reality and biofeedback therapy units
  • Nutrition, calorimetry and dietary advice
  • Hydrotherapy and rehabilitation in indoor/outdoor swimming pool
  • Group therapy
  • Traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture
  • Welness- spa

Free Consultation

In short words

Our experienced medical team can help to reduce chronic pain. Located in Bonalba, Alicante, our state of the art clinic is a welcoming and relaxing location to undertake your pain treatments.


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