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How long have you been suffering from your ailment?

Many of our patients have a long journey, without success, in search of the treatment and the doctor that can solve or improve the chronic pain that they have suffered for years. At Bonalba Klinik PM we have innovative treatments and an experienced medical team that has helped thousands of patients overcome their pain and improve their quality of life.

What are the tendon and muscle injuries?

They are a series of damages in the ligamentous, tendinous and muscular structures which are fundamental for the joint function and the entire musculoskeletal system. They can be:

  • Acute injuries due to inflammation of the ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  • Injuries due to small partial acute ruptures of the ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  • Complete acute rupture injuries of the tendons, ligaments and muscles.
  • chronic inflammatory disorders due to chronic rupture (thickening) or neuropathic (associated with chronic pain syndrome itself)

In Bonalba Klinik PM we create personalized treatments for all these types of injuries.

What is the applied treatment?

The treatments applied will depend on the degree of injury to tendons, ligaments and muscles. We will assess whether they are acute, subacute, chronic injuries or if they are due to inflammation, strain, overload, partial rupture or a complete rupture. For each type of injury in the ligaments, tendons and muscles, we have the entire wide repertoire existent in cutting-edge medicine for effective and durable treatments. Pharmacological,
functional rehabilitation physiotherapy, microinvasive, regenerative and biomechanical techniques with fast and permanent efficiency. Regenerative medicine plays a important role in this type of pathologies, since we use all kinds of substances such as growth factors (PRP), stem cells etc. that allow the regeneration of these structures in a solid and durable way. There is also a small group of injuries that have neuropathic-type pain, from the small nerves that innervate these structures that can be treated in a efficient way.

At BONALBA KLINIK PM -Medical Resort-, we have various types of therapeutic options and protocols:

  1. INTENSIVE TREATMENT PROTOCOL WITH ADMISSION (FROM 10 TO 21 DAYS): We have the possibility of perform an intensive treatment, with accommodation in our Resort for the patient and his companion for two or three weeks (term from 10 days to 21 days) where we will carry out a daily intensive treatment attending to all facets involved in the cause and mechanism that is producing the pathology and the current painful problem to the patient. We will add an online follow-up after the patient’s discharge so that they continue to be controlled by us from home which can consolidate the results obtained during the
    intensive treatment in our center, as well as for gradually gain total improvement permanent and acquisition of their new quality of life.
  2. INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT PROTOCOL (DURATION 10 TO 21 DAYS): Another option available is the realization of the therapeutic protocol in a outpatient level, with periodic assistance to our centers, where all the planned therapies will be carried out and protocolized for 12 weeks, with assistance from 1 to 2 times a week, allowing exclusive and personalized treatment and close relationship with the therapeutic team and a consolidation of the improvement of the patient’s quality of life together with the reduction of their painful symptoms.

At BONALBA KLINIK PM we guarantee efficiency in the performing of either of these two treatment options. We will propose a therapeutic protocol with admission or outpatient, adapted to the needs, possibilities and expectations of each patient. We have absolute flexibility and we will find an appropriate and successful way to change the course of the disease of our patients, thus achieving the quality of life they had before.

How long does it take to see an improvement?

With a specific treatment oriented towards a precise diagnosis of the injuries, the patient will notice a significant improvement of the pathology in a few days or weeks, setting the maximum term in five to eight weeks.

Why to choose Bonalba Klinik PM

We are located in the middle of nature in Bonalba Resort, just only 12 minutes from the center of Alicante. Carry out your treatments in a relaxing and quiet environment where we offer a complete trauma clinic service, with rehabilitation and pain management combined with wellness of a resort. We are a center with 12 national and international awards. BONALBA KLINIK PM is a center of national and international reputation.

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In short words

Our experienced medical team can help to reduce chronic pain. Located in Bonalba, Alicante, our state of the art clinic is a welcoming and relaxing location to undertake your pain treatments.


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